Genesis Tower

Take down a rogue AI in this procedural top-down shooter.

A 2D top-down shooter where you’re a wee little robot, built to destroy everything that moves in the seemingly infinite complex.

There’s no overarching end goal outside defeating the Core Machine boss at the end of each level, and the levels don’t change much aside from layout, so have fun exploring and fighting until you reach certain destruction!

How it started

During my course of study, I took a module about level design. The goal was to make a simple, 2D top-down procedural dungeon crawler, and we were given small amounts of art and code in the form of a few basic shapes and really rudimentary functionality to achieve the assignment requirements.

Over the course of 6+ weeks, I wrote my own code, made my own pixel art, and figured out how to use a simple beat sequencer. I exceeded the basic requirements of the project, because my aim was to make a cool game that would be fun in and of itself, and not just a bare-minimum project submission. Hence, Genesis Tower.

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